In principal, yes. There are places in the van for less experienced bikers…

…so that you can take it in turns. The routes are usually quite flat and really only long in the last Russian legs.

If 100 km are asked too much for you, you can sit in the van from time to time, which will escort us.The speed is usually around 15 to 20 kilometres per hour, so generally feasible for everyone. You should however do some practise ahead and you better get your backside ready for long days on the saddle.

Kurt Berus has recorded detailed information on last year's routes, distances, average speeds and travelling times in his diary Tagebuch 2006

It is also possible to take a break and go by train for a day. Nobody should go beyond their personal limits (Please do inform the tour guides!).




Anmelden zur Friedensradfahrt 2020

Die große Friedensradfahrt Paris – Moskau – Hiroshima / Nagasaki startet am 7. Mai 2020 in Paris.

Die Anmeldeunterlagen sowie Informationen zum Etappenplan können angefragt werden unter
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