Sorry, we do not have single rooms on offer.

We will sleep in gyms, tents, etc. If you absolutely need to spend the night in a hotel (e.g. for medical reasons), it is possible, but you would have to organise accommodation yourself.

However there will often be an opportunity to rent bungalows on camping sites etc. If we are informed in time that you prefer making use of such facilities, we will be happy to book them for you. The additional cost will be about 10 Euro per night in a 4 bed bungalow (not always possible).



Anmelden zur Friedensradfahrt 2020

Die große Friedensradfahrt Paris – Moskau – Hiroshima / Nagasaki startet am 7. Mai 2020 in Paris.

Die Anmeldeunterlagen sowie Informationen zum Etappenplan können angefragt werden unter
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