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»Wer will, dass die Welt so bleibt, wie sie ist, der will nicht, dass sie bleibt.«

Erich Fried, österreichischer Lyriker, Übersetzer und Essayist jüdischer Herkunft

Yes, of course. We ask every participant to bring in more people and to promote the Bike for Peace Ride.

During the ride, it is also important that we all work together: from cooking the meals to cleaning up, organising information booths, giving speeches on special topics (e.g. tourist or historical facts), making theatre or music, decorating the bikes, helping with break-downs, all brains and hands are needed. There is a "I-can-help-list".

We have founded a club in 2007 and would like to invite all participants and other interested people to become a member of the club.

During preparations we remain in contact chiefly over the internet. Everyone subscribed to the mailing list will receive all the latest updates and information.

If you don't have internet, you can also keep in touch by phone: see Contact.



Anmelden zur Friedensradfahrt 2020

Die große Friedensradfahrt Paris – Moskau – Hiroshima / Nagasaki startet am 7. Mai 2020 in Paris.

Die Anmeldeunterlagen sowie Informationen zum Etappenplan können angefragt werden unter
Pressemitteilung, deutsch
press release, English