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»Mein Wunsch ist, dass es mit dieser Veranstaltung gelingt, ein Beispiel dafür zu geben, wie Sportler und sportinteressierte Bürger über sonst Trennendes hinweg friedlich und freundschaftlich einander begegnen und miteinander diskutieren«

Willy Brandt in einer Grußbotschaft an »Sportler für den Frieden«

  • Your journey to your individual starting point (not included)

  • Visa-Charges (not included)

  • Return journey from Moscow (group ticket for bus journey, we will arrange a ride from Moscow to Berlin if this is clearly asked for on the application form. The price for the ticket is about 60 to 80 Euro, with an additional 25 Euro for bike transport.)

  • Daily fee: 25 Euro. For non workers and participants from Middle- and East-European countries special rates apply.

  • The daily contribution of 25 Euro must be met for food, accommodation, car escort, organisation, route information materials (route and daily program), a tricot (from 3 days). In the context of our transport capabilities (2 vans with 6 seats and 2 trailers) we can take in luggage, especially from inexperienced participants.

  • The sheer mass of ice cream traditionally consumed in the evenings after completion of the leg is not included in the participation fee.

By the way, you should think of alternatives for the journey to your starting point. For example, some Russians hitch-hike their way to Paris. Maybe you can coordinate yourselves (group tickets, lifts). That said, the earlier you tell others where you want to go, the easier it will be to coordinate.

You can also subscribe to the mailing list, then you will receive regular updates and get a chance to coordinate.



Anmelden zur Friedensradfahrt 2020

Die große Friedensradfahrt Paris – Moskau – Hiroshima / Nagasaki startet am 7. Mai 2020 in Paris.

Die Anmeldeunterlagen sowie Informationen zum Etappenplan können angefragt werden unter
Pressemitteilung, deutsch
press release, English