Just as you would normally, fill out the application form and add an informal request for a discount. The minimum fee is 18 Euro/Day.

May be you can encourage people in your area to make a donation. We sell „peace blocks“ and a Peace-CD. You can print out the peace block and look for donors. Donors will appear on the Internet with their name and picture on request.

We have to point out that, although we have some great sponsors, we are at the limit of our budget. 25 euros are the calculated expenses we will have to deal with for each person. So, go out and get some people to donate, because we don't want anyone to stay home because they are short on cash.



Anmelden zur Friedensradfahrt 2020

Die große Friedensradfahrt Paris – Moskau – Hiroshima / Nagasaki startet am 7. Mai 2020 in Paris.

Die Anmeldeunterlagen sowie Informationen zum Etappenplan können angefragt werden unter
Pressemitteilung, deutsch
press release, English